DIY shelves with only 13 wooden panels

Wood is a never-fad material in interior design. In ancient times, wooden furniture was popularly used to design furniture in palaces or castles. And in modern society now, wooden furniture is still widely used in villas, apartments, houses. Why does wooden furniture last long? It is popular because it has both classic beauty and modern beauty, making the house more luxurious and refined. In office furniture design, metal furniture is increasingly widely used.

Before I mentioned how to make wooden shelves. I will point out the advantages and disadvantages of wooden furniture compared to metal furniture. So we can know how to preserve and use wood best


  • Durable: Outstanding advantages of furniture and is considered to be characteristic of wooden furniture compared to metal furniture It is durable over time. We can use them for many years without abrasion and damage
  • Light: Wooden furniture can be moved from one place to another easily
  • High aesthetic: Wooden products are sculpted with many patterns and designs, both unique and delicate. Helping living space becomes warmer and more luxurious
  • With woodworking tools increasingly modern. It makes the construction and installation of wooden furniture easier.


Besides the advantages, wooden furniture has some disadvantages:

  • Easily scratched: Wooden furniture is not as good as metal. it is easily broken or cracked if it collides.
  • Poor water resistance: Not only wood but all the furniture is also picky with water exposure. Excessive contact with water reduces the lifespan of the furniture

Here, I will show how to make shelves with only 13 wooden panels

  1. How to make it

Resources: Sapele wood or (can choose other types of wood) 13 wooden panels as shown in the picture

The tools must have:


  • In order to save time on woodworking beauty, you should buy woods that have been painted and machined surface
  • If you do not choose the best drill to work The thin wooden panels are easy to crack or break
  • In addition to the necessary tools above. You also need to have woodworking clamps to hold the wood panels in place for easy manipulation


  • Step 1: First, you should outline the shelf. That helps you visualize what you will do.
  • Step 2: Then, Use hand saws to saw wood panels according to the size you have sketched (As I noted in the foreground. You use wooden clamps to be able to cut the wood plates exactly, perfectly.)
  • Step 3: Use the drill to drill holes into the edges of the wooden plate to put the screw in.
  • Step 4: Use the hammer to close the screws that were placed in the drill holes. To connect the edges of the shelf together.

After that, the wooden shelf was completed


Note: If you’re the first to try making wood products. You can find out in Best Woodworking Books to understand the basics things of this work. From that. Making wood shelves much easier.

In conclusion:

Through these simple steps. You can make yourself a shelf. Although during the process you may encounter some difficulties. Like cutting wood or drilling. ( If you don’t know how to use it. Let’s ask for help from relatives or friends!).

When the product is finished you will feel the effort you put out completely without waste. Why? Because of the benefits, it makes for your home space. Look, the shelves are extremely spacious and comfortable. You can put anything on it from vases, book bags, etc. Even your favorite books on it… It makes your home more spacious and tidy.

The above is just one of the great ideas to make shelves. You can make shelves according to your style. I am sure that. When you start learning and doing it.  You will love this job more than before. You can create according to the style and shape you want. It also helps you become a more patient person. Because when you make it, you have to be careful step by step. If you don’t really focus on that, the finished product won’t look good and especially, it won’t last long. Many benefits right? Try making it now!

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